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Oficina de Pêssankas – Projeto Valorização e Integração das Etnias do Vale do Contestado: Colônia Legru, Porto União-SC

Por: Vilson José Kotviski

Acontece no dia 19/05/18 a última oficina de pêssankas do projeto “Valorização e Integração das Etnias do Vale do Contestado” na Colônia Legru, interior de Porto União-SC.

Inicialmente a oficina foi programada 12/04/18, mas acabou não sendo realizada por motivos alheios à nossa vontade.

A coordenação da oficina será executada pelo Mestre e Artesão de Pêssankas Vilson José Kotviski, sendo o projeto uma ação do Folclore Ucraniano Kalena de Porto União-SC.

Interessados em participar, podem entrar em contato: 42 98432 8561 – Vilson.


Importante: Por motivo de força maior, a oficina será transferida para a sede do Clube Ucraniano, com nova data a ser programada. 
Legru - Porto União-SC

Rio da Areia’s Colony: Pysanka’s Cultural Workshop (ancient Ukrainian tradition)

The ancient art known as Ukrainian eggs pysanka, was the subject of cultural workshop held at the Rio da Areia’s Colony (a town of Canoinhas-SC). In an atmosphere of tranquility, the students could learn the techniques for making pysanka, through the coordination of José Vilson Kotviski.

The Ukrainian community in Rio da Areia boasts one of the few Ukrainian wooden churches that still exist in Santa Catarina. One of the participants, Rose Mari Baiji (40) stated saying that “learn the art of pysanka always was a dream, but  they never had the opportunity. Now I can pass on to my children. “


The pysanka are the symbol of Easter for the Ukrainians. Bring, however, printed on thin and fragile eggshell, the story of an ancient civilization whose roots go to the dawn of time.

Fragile and delicate in appearance, the pysanka through time tell us he story of hardworking people, educated, creative and more than just it, they were great dreamers who seeks to transfer to the surface of the  white egg, a rich and unique symbolism. Traces decided, undulating forms and colors of spring on the prairies and steppes are the purest expression of feelings and desires of infinitive peace, eternity, health, wealth and belief in the superiority of God.
The Ukrainian immigrant was able to preserve this art through the teaching of mother to child. Moreover, searching, discovered new pigments, incorporating the hues of nature of the new land.

Worshiping and spreading now for over a century this tradition, the Ukrainians and their descendants who have to bring more organic and depth of Ukrainian folk art, the pysanka.

Vilson José Kotviski –    –

Pysanky – Ukrainian, Brazilian Craftwork: pysanka workshops, ukrainian easter eggs

The “Pysanky – Ukrainian, Brazilian Craftwork” project was prized by the Culture Stimulus Elisabete Anderle Announcement, promoted by the Santa Catarina State Government. “This announcement was recognized as one of Brazil’s best ideas to value the cultural producers’ work. All the jury representatives got involved and took this project as a model to their States in order to make it come true” says the CEC president, Péricles Prade. “The evaluators stressed the amount of projects. We had a very good extract on what is about the cultural segment about what Santa Catarina’s citizens are able to produce in culture and art terms” completes the Organization and Monitoring Commission president, Leoni Silva. Going back to the cultural production, circulation, research, formation, preservation and spread matter, the Elisabete Arlene Announcement praises seven cultural areas which were subdivided into segments. The  “Pysanky – Ukrainian, Brazilian Craftwork” project  which author is Vilson José Kotviski, was praised as popular arts – folklore and craftwork, and is going to promote ten pysanka workshops in various places such as: Pintadinho e Jangada (Porto União), Irineópolis, Caçador, Três Barras, Canoinhas, Mafra, São Bento do Sul, Papanduva e Itaiópolis. More informations on: – Vilson José Kotviski