Pysanka’s Course in Canoinhas-SC: Project “Pysanky – Ukrainian crafts, Brazilian, Santa Catarina” – Vilson José Kotviski

pysanka course in Canoinhas - Santa Catarina, south Brazil

The sixth workshop of the project “pysanka –  Ukrainian crafts, Brazilian, Santa Catarina”  was held last weekend, 24th and April 25th in the city of Canoinhas-SC.
The enthusiasm of the participants was reflected in the work, the workshop was very productive, and surprised by quality of the first revealed pysanka. The “Mothers Club” of the community have been mobilized during the workshop to follow up, scheduling new meetings to do the pysanka. Also some ladies of the “Nucleus of Women Entrepreneurs of Canoinhas” expressed concern that the Ukrainian community will participate in monthly exhibitions of handicrafts, demonstrating the ancient art of pysanka made by people in the city.
With the support of the Ukrainian local community, through the priest Mark Andreiv and religious the Order of St. Basil the Great, the workshop was coordinated by Vilson Kotviski and Oksana Sliwinski Kotviski.

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Location of Craveiro: Ancient Art of Ukrainian Eggs (Pysanka)

Igreja Ucraniana - Localidade Craveiro

The contemporaneous art of pysanka was demonstrated in the town of Craveiros on 10th and 11th of april 2010, by the fourth workshop of the cultural project “Pysanka – Crafts Ukrainian, Brazilian, Catarinense.”
Craveiros is a rural municipality of Santa Terezinha-SC, where we met a young Ukrainian reall lively and participatory. According to reports of staff, it was the first time it happened, a course were everyone was really excited for the opportunity and for the results. Sister Emily, who worked for the class organization, thanked on behalf of the community, and asked  to never forgetfor the future projects the town of Craveiros, which gave her a great reception for everybody.

The course was coordinated by Vilson Kotviski, one of the exponents of the art of pysanka in Brazil, author of “pysanka – from Ukraine to Brazil” (2004) and the DVD “The Art of Painting pysanka” (2007).

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Pysanky Course in Mafra-SC: the tradition of Ukrainian egg art

The Ukrainian Community of Mafra-SC received the third workshop of the Project “Pysanka – Ukrainian, Brazilian and Catarinense’s crafts” realized on 20th and 21st March 2010.
The course was very productive and has revealed many talents. More than just Mafra’s people had taken part, we also had representatives of the Ukrainian community of Guaramirin-SC, who moved from his city, especially to attend the workshop.
The workshops participants reported on their questionnaires, that they were very satisfied and that would like to have more time on doing this enjoyable activity, and more, they showed enthusiasm of learning. On Sunday, many visitors might know the first pysanka’s products that were made in the workshop and they also had a brief explanation from the coordinator Kotviski, who had a great knowledge about art and about the project, funded by the Bid of Anderle Elizabeth a Stimulus to the Culture.

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