Workshop Pysanky – Crafts in Ukrainian Eggs: Ukrainian Community of Jangada do Sul

The Ukrainian Orthodox Community of Cologne Jangada do sul (Porto União-SC) received 06 days in March 7th,2010 and the first workshop of the project “Pysanka – Crafts Ukrainian, Brazilian, Santa Catarina”. Participants from many  ages and groups took part of the workshop, it was very productive and was prepared many and beaultiful pysankas. According to the teacher Paolyck Alda (64), this workshop is a dream becoming true, “because I always wanted to know the process of making the pysanka, but never had the opportunity. The youth of the community living in the rural area, were very interested and were excited to continue, mainly because they already have the necessary materials. Even further meetings will be scheduled for making pysankas.The bill, authored by Vilson Kotviski, who is one of the winners of the Call Elizabeth Anderle Stimulus Culture (Culture Foundation of Santa Catarina), and though the support of Father Pedro Blachenchen and president Comunity Antonio Seroiska it was possible the realization of this workshop, which rekindled interest in the art of pysanka in one of the first Ukrainian colony in Brazil”.

Coordination of workshops and design: Vilson José Kotviski (