Ukranian Pysanka’s Workshop on Três Barras community – Santa Catarina”

The city of Três Barras, located on the Northern Plateau of Santa Catarina received the eighth workshop of the Project “Pysanka – Ukrainian Crafts, Brazilian, Santa Catarina.”
It was recently inaugurated the new temple, which stands with its domed Byzantine-style landmark of Ukrainian churches. But the outbreak of the community in Três Barras happened in the 60s, and since this, it was the first time that a Pysanka workshop was held there.

In each workshop we found intrinsic knowledge of Ukrainian culture, and Three Bars, highlight the account of Mrs. Josefa Olinek (69): “When we were young we did the halunkas for Easter, drawed eggs with flowers, twigs and used beeswax then we cooked with flowers, yerba mate or onion for color. ” This demonstrates that the cultural baggage that immigrants have brought and that they continued showing up in Brazil, and that it still changing to be adapted and giving conditions to exist.

The workshop was made possible by the Edict Elizabeth Anderle Culture Stimulus, with the coordination of artists and Oksana Sliwinski Kotviski and Vilson Kotviski.