Pintadinho’s colony: Pysanka’s Workshop – Ukrainian Egg Decorating Tradition.

It was held on 22nd and 23rd of May, the seventh stage of the project “Pysanka – Ukrainian Crafts, Brazilian, Santa Catarina, locatrd in Pintadinho, inside of Porto União, SC.

It was the first time that the community received a workshop dedicated to the preservation of Ukrainian culture, and the participants showed great interest in the techniques of Pysanka’s art. There we could hear interesting stories of how Mrs. Nadia Terezinha Demedi and Mrs. Ana Maria Lessenko Kalichak, about the methods their parents used to cook Pysanka, using natural pigments and tools tailored for themselves, which shows that the workshop did not come to teach something new, but rescue a knowledge that was forgotten by community.
We hope this incentive provided through the project make resurface and people could recover the Ukrainian traditions, especially the art of Pysanka!

Colônia Pintadinho - Porto União-SC - Brasil

The workshop was made possible through the Bid Elizabeth Anderle Culture Stimulus, sponsored by the Foundation Santa Catarina  of Culture – Government of the State of Santa Catarina, and coordinated by the artist  Vilson Kotviski.