Pysanky – courses, lectures, workshops – Vilson José Kotviski

We give classes for courses, lectures or workshoops, in order to spread out the ukrainian art of pysanky creation.

The courses normally take three days, totalizing a 24 hours-lesson, no exceeding 20 students per group, aiming to situate the attendent through the millenarian art of pysanky and also teaching this painting technique, propitiating an integrated learning for the historical context, simbolism and the confection of this particular and artistic pieces of ukrain culture. Within the course, students actively participate of all the process of pysanky confection, acquiring the knowledge of the art technique.

Pysanky workshop in União da Vitória-PR. Coordination: Vilson José Kotviski

At fairs, congresses or expositions where it is required demonstrations of this art by worskshops or lectures form, we can come up with different proposals, according to the event.

Further information, please cotact us.   Vilson José Kotviski.